Elizabeth Mirzaei & Gulistan Mirzaei’s Laila at the Bridge is a tale of resilience in Afghanistan. The conflict we refer to? The collateral damages of the inefficient war against drugs. The country is not only invaded by foreign troops, but as the top opium «producer» in the world it is facing some heavy issues about addiction.

Laila Haidari wanders though the street of Kabul in search of junkies in need of help. She runs an independent rehab center with no support from officials who run the local war against drug business. Short, gusty, stubborn, she is definitely ready to raise Hell.And she does.

While in no way a masterpiece of film making,  Laila at the Bridge is still a heartbreaking, poignant and honest ride as much as it is drawing attention toward another mess, resulting of the numerous invasions of the country, that we never hear much about. The handheld camera is  literally over the shoulder of headstrong Laila, at the heart of some heavy human drama. No VR needed. The combat zone is internal.

Sometimes, to unfold the sad story of a condemned generation, it takes an almost larger than life character and Laila Haidari sure is of such nature.

Nov. 14 9:00 PM, Cinéma du Parc – with English subtitles

Nov. 15 1:00 PM Cinéma du Parc – with English subtitles