Celebrating Documentary film making from around the world, Montreal’s Rencontres internationales du documentaire (RIDM) starts tonight and go on until the 18th.

Christy Garland’s What Walaa Wants, the poignant portrait of a young Palestinian girl, opens tonight on invitation and there is a public presentation (Nov. 9, 6:00 PM Cinéma du Parc, with English subtitles), Julien Faraut‘s John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection will close.

Things seriously kick off, as public is concern, this Friday with the presentation of 157 films from 47 countries, including 25 world premieres, panels, retrospectives, VR, etc.

Venues include: Concordia University’s Main Cinema, Museum of Fine Arts Cinéma, Cinéma du Parc, Cinéma Quartier Latin, cinéma Moderne and Cinémathèque Québécoise.