Comissaire Buron (Benoit Poelvoorde from Man Bite dogs – see: is trying to solve a murder case. He keeps Mr. Fuguain (Grégoire Ludig) in custody for questioning. Since Buron reaches new heights in police inneficiency and Fuguain is keeping calm, it’s gonna be a long night at the precinct.

After a few austere dramas and two or three films on genocides, a festival buff may need to cool off for a few hours. Enters Quentin Dupieux with a new zany offering: Au Poste! Zany? well this is the director who shot a feature, Rubber (2010), in which a homicidal car tire goes on a killing spree… and made it work! Now we get his personal (comedic) take on police investigation films.

As it is usually the case with Dupieux, the ensemble doesn’t aim at making sense. There is reminiscence of Bertrand Blier’s Buffet Froid (1977) but in a more minimalist way. Except for a few flashbacks, we are mainly confine to the precinct office where the inquiry occurs. But the duet of Poelvoorde, with his usual irritating character, and Ludig, keeping his cool, is one great match. They deliver a funny confrontation. Circumstances and explanations are uncanny. Let them come, we’ll sort it out later… maybe.

Fortunately this farce runs at 75 minutes, before running out of gas. For Dupieux, staying this time around into his own comfort zone seems odd. He’s been more audacious in the past. Still, this absurdist tale,penned, framed and edited, as usual by the director himself, is an enjoyable parenthesis.

FNC Screenings:
Saturday October 6, 9:00 PM, Cinéma Impérial
Monday October 8, 1:00 PM Cinémathèque Québécoise