Can’t visit Montreal’s lovely Society for Art and Technology (SAT) these days? No worries, SAT, one of the city’s 7 wonders, is on (International) tour and coming to you (well, some of you) to fan out her 360° immersive digital love, Montreal style.

SAT Circuit will hit European, US (and even Dubai) festivals during the entire Fall season, offering 9 works fresh out of their residency program, while visiting 12 festivals for full dome consideration in Paris, Berlin, Nantes, The Hague, Dubai, Brussels, Strasbourg, Boston, Metz or Lyon, etc. Providing content and tools, expertise and workshops to experiment with the medium, create further networking as well as seducing audiences.

All will end in its proper place…  in Montreal on December 12, 2018.

Want to eventually join the tour, sad your city’s not in… You should!


Louis-Philippe St-Arnault
Director, SAT Immersion & Artistic Director SAT Circuit