It’s starting tonight, at Concordia University’s J.A DeSève Theater (1400 Blvd Maisonneuve W) and EV Room (1515 Ste-Catherine West), spreading all over the weekend: Montreal beloved Stop Motion Festival celebrates its tenth year with great things on the menu.

Acknowledging that there is still a lot of loonies (local and International) out there who bother to animate puppets and objects frame by frame with great crafts(wo)manship, the friendly team and staff offer delightful programs at an equally friendly price.

Professionals, Independent works, youth, emerging talents and discovery programs, workshops, masterclasses and on and on until Sunday. Matinees are free, afternoons and evenings are (ridiculously) cheap.

Notable guests and Collaborations?

A program featuring Amanda Strong, a talented Métis from present days B.C, starts the whole deal – (J.A De Sève, Friday 7:30 PM). There is a conference by top animator Tim Allen who’s resume includes working closely with Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and Nick Park (Sunday Sept 16 – 4:30 PM – J.A. de Sève Theater). A masterclass by Jody Meredith about his work on Chuck Steel, a Fantasia Fest 2018 Favorite, (Saturday, September 15, 7:30 PM, J.A. de Sève Theater).

Masterclasses would not be complete without our friends at National Film Board (NFB). So, directors Sylvie Trouvé and Dale Hayward will provide colorful insights on the 5 years process of the making of their folk-horror stop motion film Bone Mother (Saturday, September 15, 4:30 PM, J.A DeSève).

A Stop Motion virtual Reality garden is also on display, at EV Building, through a collaboration with Phi Center. Behind the scene looks at classics Shaun the Sheep and Isle of Dogs (in 360°) are featured, plus Phil Tippett (Yes! The ‘Star Wars‘ original saga pioneer F/X guy)’s VR extravaganza, Mad God.

At MTL Stop Motion Fest, you won’t have to find the fun, it will find you. Just be there with some pocket money. Worth every loonies…

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