(seen at Fantasia 2018 – already Out in some territories).

It starts as one of the worst Zombie movie ever. But then, the viewer is not so sure about that. There is something. Next, you slowly feel it’s getting somewhere. Ultimately you’re in for a reward and a good laugh.

One Cut of the Dead gets into the details of the derailed making of a director hired to produce, live and in a single take, a ‘TV special’ featuring a crew shooting a film of the living dead, actually being attacked by their subject.  What starts as a lazy sleaze, besides the interesting task of the long take, eventually becomes a fictionalized fake making of made with a sure hand. It deliciously affects our judgment and reflection with a mirroring effect. As appearances can be deceptive,  all bad things about it suddenly make sense and are rather good.  The result its brilliant.

From a first response, asking yourself what you are doing in that ‘ridiculous’ film showing,  to curiosity, to realizing the great effectiveness of the whole thing,  director Shin’ichirô Ueda successfully mislead us before eventually going back on track meticulously.

Starting from scratch, One Cut of the Dead could bear the tagline ‘Glory to film making’, while even pleasing non-fans of the genre. Pure fun.