They are a quartet of friends from a metal band in rural Finland. Almost everyone in town despise them.  Because of stage fright, they’ve been practicing for 12 years without ever booking a gig. Events that could lead to a performance in a prestigious event in Norway might just change everything if they succeed in getting there. Looks simple, but the lives of our quartet are not.

Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren’s Heavy trip possess the main main basic quality for a comedy: this rock spoof is fun. It is silly, it contains some dark humor, some vulgarity. But its forces lie within the fact it does not rely on any excessive violence or the (few) vulgar jokes to produce a laugh. It goes way beyond that.

The settings are beautiful (one of our metal guys works on a reindeer farm) and fairly used. It is, visually, a very well mannered film with very good pace. The characters (the cast is pretty good) may be caricatures but the screenplay is deceptively clever as it ultimately makes them utterly sympathetic. There is even a peculiar lightness to this enjoyable farce since it never really mocks in any unnecessary cruel way its loony characters and set of circumstances. For instance, without spoiling it, their jab at racism, a thing that plagues part of that scene, would make the great Mel Brooks himself mighty proud…

Heavy trip is a fun ride!

Fantasia Screening: Monday, July 30th, 5:15 PM – Concordia University’s J.A. De Seve Cinema

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