A genetically modified child turned-mass destruction weapon with bad guys on her trail is at the heart of director Park Hoon-Jung’s action-Sc-fi thriller The Witch – part 1: The Subversion. Beside also introducing last year’s V.I.P. to Montreal audience, Mr Jung is the writer of one of Fantasia crowd all time favorites, 2010’s I Saw the Devil.

With The Witch… you get a good young female lead (surprisingly effective new comer Da Mi -Min), a leading bad guy looking like a bad guy, a bunch of dressed-to-look-cool young androgynous Hench (wo) men-slash- homicidal maniacs, an overplayed ‘I am a mad doctor did you notice or should I keep acting like a neo-Nazi?‘ type of movie evil scientist (You were a better fit in Pieta, Ms. Kim Soo-Jo). You also in for a bit of magic (the girl is apparently a witch!) when suddenly it seems to fit the purpose.

Action wise? After an overlong set up, things get on track and it works plenty with some solid choreography and fights.

Pretty fair for an action flick. No more, no less.

Fantasia 2nd Screening : Wednesday, July 25th 12:30PM, Concordia University’s J.A. De Seve Cinema

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