Yoshika (Matsuoko Mayu) never quite grew out of her awkward teenage phase. And she never forgot her high school crush, Ichi (“First”). She lives in a dreamland, and promises herself they shall one day be reunited. In the meantime, Ichi holds the fictitious position as her boyfriend, while Ni (“Second”) tries to woo her into becoming his girlfriend.

On the surface, Yoshika appears bubbly and talkative – one of those people who talks to you in public transit while you’re trying to mind your own business. But our heroine is also a bit delusional, and things are not always as they appear. Tremble All You Want (directed by Akiko Ohku, adapted from Risa Wataya’s novel) presents a world where mood and emotion can change the very essence of it. Yoshika’s neurotic personality fuels the quirky universe the viewer sees through her eyes.

Most would classify this as a chick flick, but it packs a powerful punch for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, or indecisive in love. A romantic comedy that peeks into how personal bias and perception of situations can taint and mutate reality.


Tremble All You Want – Tuesday, July 17th 3 PM – J.A. de Seve Theatre

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