Originally created for the web, like 11 short TV episodes, Baptiste Gaubert and Jérémie Jeremie Hoarau‘s Crisis Jung is presented in a rare 4k showing at Fantasia 2018. Tired of political correctness? Meet the cure. What starts on the corny side, like our good old 70’s childhood Matinee Anime, becomes soon enough highly deceptive, turning into an orgy of fast paced violent and visceral attack.

Jung loves Maria. Maria loves Jung. They live in a paradise. A bunch of demons and other disreputable character (some have chainsaws as male organs!) steal Maria’s head… In a perilous attempt to get it back and reunite head and body, Jung goes on a violent and deviant journey to some insane wasteland. A guy with a broken heart can still be mean, even by 2018 standards. In fact our hero is so romantic,  there is no one he would not kill for love!

Part Japanese influenced, but also with hint of home traditions of the likes of Moebius,   Crisis Jung  is dark and ferocious, graphically efficient with extreme cuttings (in every sense), sexually charged blasphemous enough and loaded with a zany collection of open range misfits.

The craziest thing about it ? It works!

Should be fun with the Fantasia Audience..

Fantasia Screening: Sunday July 15, Concordia University’s Hall Theatre.

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