Nobuhiko Ôbayashi’s Hanagatami is a coming of age wartime drama from the 1937 book by Kazuo Dan. It is featured into the Camera Lucida section at Fantasia.

Ôbayashi, the director of cult item House/Hausu (1977), delivers a stylish visual feast in the vein of Avant-garde theater, recalling early Oshima and Fassbinder or even the Paul Schrader’s ‘Mishima’ treatment, but manages to keep the essence of the subject of broken youth during such difficult period along the way. His non-realistic approach keeps the ship from falling into the trap of nostalgic melodrama, although it can feel a bit overlong and talkative at nearly 3 hours in length.

Fantasia Screening : Saturday, July 14th and 19th Concordia University – J.A. Desève Cinema