Apparently, one giant step into the OST business for Varèse Saraband Hoodoo Guru, Robert Townson, was to pick up the phone and call Jerry Goldsmith to tell of his frustration of not being able to own the soundtrack to The Final Conflict (Omen III). Well come over young man, will fix the problem…

Decades later, and a lot of soundtracks later, he also gets to re-issue the original Omen (1976) album on vinyl. Logically, the score to Richard Donner’s film of the Anti-Christ going American diplomacy, is pressed in an edition of 666 numbered copies!

When the Omen DVD was first release, in the featured audio commentary by the director and editor Stuart Baird Goldsmith’s score is often pointed out as the major addition.  Donner fought to get more money to hire the composer he thought would be the best man for the job.

With The Omen,  one of his seminal work, Goldsmith could finally bring home his sole Oscar.  He also earned a somewhat historical nomination for the song ‘Ave Satani‘ a dark black mass type of Latin choral work that sure provides the required chilling bone effect.

The Omen LP is one Hell of an OST. A sure pick.

Ave Satani! Ave Jerry!