Montreal’s Genre Film Funfair is at the gates. Fantasia Film Festival kicks off this Thursday July 12th.

Local director Daniel Roby opens with Canada-France Coproduction Dans la Brume (Just a Breath Away) starring Romain Duris and Olga Kurylenko, a Sci-fi survival story, the outcome of a massive catastrophe in Paris. Mandy, Panos Cosmatos horror thriller starring Nicolas Cage as a lumberjack out for revenge will close… Cosmatos offered us the surprising and moody Beyond the Black Rainbow, a few years back.


First day of screenings will offer the collective film Nightmare Cinema. It is made of five short stories by as many directors, including this year’s honorary guest, Joe Dante (Gremlins, Innerspace). It stars Mickey Rourke and Richard Chamberlain. During the evening, Dante will receive his Fantasia life achievement award.


Audience favorites RKSS (the Turbo Kid trio), with Summer of ’84, and (Who else than…) Takashi Miike!!!, with Laplace’s Witch, are featured. Cinetalk’s own little Goblin, Daria Gamliel, will (of course) be on duty to write about  the latter.

Speaking of which… famous member of Italian soundtrack heroes Goblin, Maurizio Guarini offers a live performance with 1911’s Italian silent epic, and loose adaptation from Dante’s Divine Comedy, L’INFERNO  (Sunday July 15, J.A Deséve, Concordia Cinema, 7 PM. A rare occasion not to be missed.


That’s not all for Italian classics. Mario Bava’s 1964 (very) early slasher 6 Donne per l’Assassino (Blood and Black Lace ) gets 4K Treatment. Remember the Suspiria 4k evening last year?  You had fun, hey? Then stop asking questions and be there!

Rupert Bottenberg’s always amazing selection of animation will only have one thing to compete with it. The man himself. Will he still be the best dressed man in the room for 21 years in a row?  What will he wear on opening night? For the time being we can tell you that on casual days he continues his digging and came back from abroad with some crazy stuff. French series Crisis Jung caught my attention. Violence Voyager is this year’s little gem out of nowhere. Careful: for big kids only.  Also from Rupert’s vaults Daria G. will introduce the films Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, ”… a sentimental fantasy animation about the links between childhood and motherhood”,  Da Hu Fa, ”a well-designed, funny, quirky and violent” affair and Aragne: Sign of Vermillion, she describes as: ”Something fresh for the horror anime genre!” (full review soon).


Follow us at 20 days, 125 features,  200 shorts…