We went this Saturday, following an invitation from local wizard François Letourneau (the guy at Moog Audio), to Eastern Block Gallery in order to witness the highly democratic (potluck style) ‘Synthèse Montréal‘ extravaganza. The event (and upcoming related showcases) is the peculiar fun fair of an uncanny community going deep into the beeps and bleeps of the old school type modular synths.


Visual worth it alone as the set up in itself, with machine bits and cables allover the place, is of museum class. It is about music, but also about design. Some are into dog contests, cars or anything. This band of Loony mavericks are into assembled collectable silicon puzzle pieces producing astral sounds. They met in the afternoon to introduce their tools and toys, curious and neophytes being more than welcome.  The ensuing evening is filled with off the wall live performances and Flone, silver Moose and various others offered a sample of possibilities ranging from experimental to soundscape, from ambient to techo or whacked out-would-be-pop. Something for everyone. Letourneau’s own bunch (featuring Maya Kukori and Hugo Léger) performed some demon-like-manga video game music of radical inclination.


More good news? Most activities are free!

Even more good news? They meet on Mondays! SEE: (

Want more: (but  Admission is 10$) – A Morton Subotnick celebration!!! : (———-)