for  (Photos: D. Ospina)

There is some stir-crazy cool stuff happening in our city beside the more and more vulgar sidewalk sales accompanying public events these days.

Escaping St-Laurent street now distasteful Festival Mural, an event more than ever about selling rags, fast food and other trash obstructing the View, keeping us from seeing the Art that it is suppose to be about, we went East on Duluth St. Going by the forever and ever evolving MAM & POP workshop (619 avenue Duluth Est. near St-Hubert), when we noticed a crowd and something charmingly fishy going on.


Never short on wacky ideas, visual artist (and proprietor) Jolène Morin outdid herself. Surrounded by a brady bunch of joyful actor-improvisers, headed by vivid Marcel Pichon, she set up a mock-up fish market (creatures from the sea are handmade stuffed fabrics, plush, cushion pillow, etc ),  odors and sticky handshakes free, but the whole set and ambiance is simply gorgeous. So, this squad which is into squids and trouts will put a smile on your face. You (and your children) are in for some quirky offbeat fun. They even wrap what you purchase in that brown waxed paper used in the real ritual.


Local or tourists, you can go for a much more interesting gift outside of your usual corny maple leaf or beaver images or just go for the ambiance. Pure fun.

MAM & POP workshop (619 avenue Duluth Est. near St-Hubert) – Fish Market is until June 24th.