For film score lovers, Christmas starts on May 29th in Kraków. Showing exquisite taste in film music, with impressive line ups of scoring heroes, the Krakow Film music Festival (FMF) will kick off its 11th edition on that day by celebrating local (but definitely international and highly influential) living legend- composer Krzysztof Penderecki with the Penderecki2Cinema concert.

The prominent use of Mr Penderecki’s music by major directors worldwide (Has, Kubrick, Lynch, Resnais, Wajda, etc) in classic films serves as the basis for the evening. It will include the pieces Polymorphia, used in the original Exorcist (1973) and in Shining (1980), Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima, used in Children of Men (2006), Symphony No. 3 — “Passacaglia (Shutter Island, Neruda) and more.

The program will also include String Quartet No. 3, in a variation on Out of the Ruins, Michael Nyman’s 1988 soundtrack for the BBC documentary of the same name.

The evening will resume with Concerto For Trumpet and Strings by Oscar-winning (for Frida) amazingly gifted and versatile composer Elliot Goldenthal who was the first winner, in 2015, of the Kilar Award, named after the late Wojciech Kilar, the major figure in the history of film (and contemporary) music with titles including Dracula (1992), The Ninth Gate (1999) The Pianist (2002) and several films of fame directors Zanussi and Wajda. Note that Elliot Goldenthal, later during the week, will also introduce a rewriting of his own score to Final Fantasy (made for the festival) as part of the Video Game Music Gala which will also feature music works from Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham Origins and Medal of Honor by Michael Giacchino.

During the days following the opening, professionals and public will have plenty to choose from until closing night on the 5th of June with a rendering, by Sinfonietta Cracovia, of David Arnold‘s music to James Bond‘s Casino Royal (2006), conducted by Gavin Greenaway.

Scoring4Polish Directors event will feature composer Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz‘s work for the films of multiple Oscar nominated director Agnieszka Holland (Spoor, In Darness). Alan Menken’s score to Beauty and the Beast (2017) will be performed live with the film.

Dance2Cinema, in a collaboration with the International Film Music Festival Fimucité in Tenerife, will pay homage in songs to Pedro Almodóvar’s cinema. Cinematic Piano series will feature Hauschka & Dustin O’Halloran duet, authors of the music for Lion (2016)

Add workshops, seminars, discussion panels and meetings with masters on music and film. And more, and more…

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