With Cold Blood, choreographer Michèle Anne De Mey and director Jaco Van Dormael are back with their poetry and magnificent tools, mixing film, dance, theater and more, revolving around De May, Gregory Grosjean and Gabriella Iacono’s live performances .

Van Dormael is the Wiz who gave us films like Cannes 1991’s Camera d’Or, Toto the Hero, and The New Testament (2015). He acts as the live director, occasionally replaced by his pal, the multi-talented Harry Cleven, director and gentleman.

Seven deaths are told and foretold with dark enchanting irony.

Like for the amazing  Kiss & Cry, their previous effort in the genre, dancers use their hands to create characters. These characters evolve into a world of miniature sets and models shot by a film crew creating a movie in real time. The jaw dropping results are beyond imagination.

With its team of a dozen performers, the filmmaking process becomes choreography itself and the hands and bodies become a life-size story from lyrical to tragic and mysterious, an enchanting experience, poetically and technically.

One of the greatest show around. An ode to Art and filmmaking.

For Montrealers it’s at Usine C, 25-29 may, 8 PM.