It was an evening of premiere and unveiling tuesday at Montreal’s beloved SAT (Society for Arts and Technology). The always colorful and dynamic Monique Savoie with her team of digital wizards and witches introduced us to what’s cooking, this spring, in their dazzling 360 ° degrees boiler pot (commonly named SATosphere).

The current SATosphere 360 ° immersive presentation, running until April 28, is a double bill composed of Cage (by collective Past Video) & Ulf Langheinrich’s Lost.

Cage is an animated, in depth, voyage into an abyssinal world of incarceration (and liberation) suggested by Jack London’s The Star Rover. It conveys a great deal of claustrophobic sensation, and a proficient sense of  movements in dealing with universal themes.

Far more experimental is Lost. This German oeuvre is essentially a sensory thing with heavy repetitive stroboscopic alienation.  Mind the steps on your way out…

This spring there is also the return of recurrent cool affairs like The 5th Symposium IX:  virtual and augmented reality, immersive games and… kinematic 360 °. And for the youth, no worries, Campus SAT is back.

All this and more!

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