It is spring and suddenly, erupting like a mama bear out of her cave, there’s a brand new and exciting moving images program concocted by the girls at the avant-garde palace that is Montreal’s PHI centre. Title of this new mega compilation of creative works: Particles of Existence.

You’re voyage into 360, virtual reality and other digital devices will take you into the playful, the contemplative or the more serious documentary tone relating contemporary topics, with (or shall we say ‘within’) various productions from NFB, Felix & Paul studio, Ubisoft (with Assassin’s Creed discovery!!!), etc.

You can’t get to Hubble telescope? Let it come to you by losing yourself in the 360 degrees space travel that is Fistful of Stars. Back on Earth you can release the animal in you by trying In the Eyes of the Animal. The title says it…

Once you scrutinized the Earth and its wildlife, you can add some human drama. First you will meet ‘first person’ with the female fighting unit of Sun Ladies in their fight against ISIS. By the time it is over the spectator can reach out for our friends from NFB, always extending their mission (show the world to Canadians and help develop storytelling through new technologies) for decades. With Roxham they precisely keep their core and roots much alive while keeping an eye on ever evolving world and technologies. We plunge into the contemporary world of illegal US-Canada border crossing. Right in the middle of it.

Some Star name to add to your visit? Anderson.

Wes Anderson that is, as you will get, for dessert, an intimate look at the ‘making of’ with(in) his brand new release, Isle of Dogs. It’s a dog world indeed.

And there is also the other Anderson: Laurie.

Together with Hsin Chien Huang, Laurie Anderson offers a poetic voyage into writings called Chalkroom with some virtual surroundings, thanks to a technology, that would certainly have pleased Alfred Hitchcock when he shot Vertigo.

All this and even more… Check it out: