November, the magnificent Estonian film that made it to our top list of 2017, is finally out in selected cities across North America. For Montrealers it is at Cinema du Parc for a weekend of Midnight screenings.Other US/ Canada Cities, touring schedule is here: ( November preview (from Fantasia 2017) here:

Our friends at Cinema du Parc are also showing plenty from around the globe (business as usual), so the delightful French documentary Nothingwood, following the adventures of Afghan king of Z movies Salim Shaheen, also gets a much awaited release. Pure fun.


Nothingwood review (made during RIDM 2017) here:

Wanna stay all day at Cinema du Parc? Adult oriented animation (meaning ‘serious matter’, not porn), Tehran Taboo, is still on.


Daria’s Tehran Taboo review (made during FNC 2017) here: