How Victor Garlic Took Aleksey the Stud to the Nursing Home is Alexander Hant first feature. Hant’s road movie comedy tells of big time looser Victor who, upon getting unsolicited news from his long lost crook father, sets course on getting his old man abducted to a far away asylum for pecuniary considerations.

With Victor Garlic we get loony characters, some colorful art direction, a straightforward and simple storytelling. By playing it on the buddy movie type of hostility, meeting the son-father difficult relationship (after all, they hardly know each others), the director manages to make his despicable characters into something rather sympathetic along the way. We’ve seen this, but it is still working.

Past desertions, plus all that is left unsaid, hides some drama. Thus, out of frustration, people, especially women, but also old pal gangsters, are either, frustrated, brutal or on their trail. Mother Russia has some score to settle.

Although quite uneven, Victor Garlic works on its own level of simplicity. Entertaining.