French Actor/ director Mathieu Amalric (Barbara, 2017) loves music. Together with co director Caroline Detournay he changed the course of what was once a fit for TV documentary, about NY Jack of All Trade-Avant-garde superhero, John Zorn, into a more personal affair, a work in progress, meant to stay that way. The ‘temporary’ results, the challenging and engaging Zorn (2010-2017), is shown as part of Montreal’s FIFA 2018 Spotlight: Music.

Zorn (2010-2017) is no comprehensive guide. It is a work of intimacy shaped in similar ways to Amalric’s own fictional account of Barbara (2017). Zorn being a bit more experimental than the famous French singer…

No interviews, but rather a few comments. We get a giant glimpse made of collected moments, exclusive performances, rehearsals. The friends, the venues, peeked from backstage by a welcome stalker. Guests include Marc Ribot, Dave Douglas, Joey Baron, Cyro Baptista, Mike Patton, Trevor Dunn, Jamie Saft et Al.

Zorn (2010-2017) is a precious document which makes us feel that the renown musician must be happy about how things between him and Amalric are going so far.

To be continued!

FIFA showing, Saturday March 10 – 8PM – Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – Maxwell-Cummings Auditorium