Agnes Varda’s Faces Places/ Visages Villages (Co directed by visual artist JR) and its artistic journey through rural France is the stand out film among the 2018 Oscar nominees for Best Documentary Feature.

It is interesting to point out that the year the Academy will give Varda a Honorary Award, she gets, at 89, a proper nomination for the first time. The ‘lady’ of the French New Wave, gives us the only film of the category with a full artistic notion of an ‘auteur’ work as she competes against films of merits but that are all far more conventional.

While her competitors, Abacus, Strong Island, Icarus and Last Men in Aleppo, work essentially on the efficiency level and come with an investigating structure, Varda is more into her usual poetic and personal take on the common people, a life’s work.

As we already mentioned, writing about the animated category, if the Academy is really about Motion Pictures ARTS and sciences, then it should be Madame Varda all the way…

The envelope please!