Nora Twomey’s engaging The Breadwinner, with Angelina Jolie as the big name attached to it (she is one of the co-producers), is the story of a girl in disguise trying to overcome the dramas of torn apart Afghanistan. It is the best nominee for the Oscars in the Animated Feature category. A 2D drawing type marvel with a simple but well penned universal story (from Canadian author Deborah Ellis), it aims at making us learn a thing or two without ever being too didactic or moralistic.

It is more than highly probable that Pixar Studio’s Coco will bring Oscar home on Sunday. The ‘Best Animated Feature’ category of the Academy Awards consistently offers a contest involving the majors. The other big studios competing with the front runner this year being Fox (Ferdinand) and Dreamworks (The Boss Baby). Three ‘efficient’ films fitting the usual bill of action-packed family entertainment. They do work, but don’t you get an impression of Dejà Vu? Either it’s a baby, a bull, a Mexican, fishes, (talking) cars, Legos… well, you get the picture…

We also felt that, passed the wonder of its concept, hard work, technical and beautiful animation, Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman’s Loving Vincent was, in some ways, is falling a bit short (Daria’s last Fall review here: —-)

Motion Pictures ARTS and sciences says the Academy about itself? What if it’s true?

The Breadwinner really stands out. The envelope please!