Andrey Zvyagintsev’s second Oscar nominated (for Best foreign language Film) Loveless (Nelyubov), the jury prize winner at Cannes Film Festival 2017, tells of a couple of soon to be divorcees on the track of their son who’s gone missing.

As usual, three times Cannes winner, Zvyagintsev proposes notes from a bitter world made of images as beautiful as they are sad. Right from the start the tone is set, opening with a succession of snowy, into the woods landscapes, establishing the ground for a couple disintegration waiting to take place. The unfolding confrontation creates a shock wave that gets under the skin of the couple’s only son. The succession of later events, leading to the young man’s disappearance, enforces temporary and uneasy bounds.

With Loveless, Zvyagintsev’s regulars Oleg Negin (screenplay), Mikhail Krichman (Photo), Anna Mass (editing) Andrey Dergachev (sound design), helped shape a surrounding, an overall ambiance, mirroring the director’s sketches of fragile and dizzy communications (or shall we say the absence of it?). Composers Evgueni and Sacha Galperine (from Asghar Farhadi’s The Past), provide some interesting if required minimalism.

The slow paced drama even offers its doses of suspense-like fragments as the search, about the child’s whereabouts, leave us at times with a strong feeling of discomfort.

Loveless comes altogether as a solid picture.