The Rendez-Vous Quebec Cinema 2018 are alive and kicking, going on for the next ten days.  La crème of films and moving images from La belle Province, is featured. Novelties and year retrospective.

Included are programs exposing diversity, involving works and workshops focusing on women, black history month (a special program hosted by group Momentum) and (it’s about time) representative of our beloved first nations.

We also dig many activities evolving around the lovely world of film soundtracks (notably as part of the PRO section of the Fest at Centre Pierre Péladeau), a favorite topic, and the return of short films master digger party-prize-ceremony extravaganza, the Prends Ça Court Gala, by enfant terrible Danny Lennon (the good looking guy usually hiding in the entrance with the beer tickets).

And of course Denis Villeneuve’s masterclass… You dig that one, hey?