In love, when you meet someone new, the Ghost of your previous life interest is floating around. And it is never as true as in Nina Forever, a horror romance by Ben and Chris Blaine with an intriguing poster Tagline: A fucked up fairy tale.

Getting over the death of his former girlfriend, in a car crash, Rob embarks in a new relationship. The relationship gets complicated as Nina comes back from the afterlife whenever the new couple has sex. Trying to overcome the situation in very adult ways, they soon conclude that three’s a crowd especially as Nina’s body is being a bloody mess. So they are not in for a Swayze-Moore GHOST duet situation.

A macabre love story, Nina Forever is not your typical St-Valentine first date movie, but it is an original take on what is not a very interesting subject in the first place. It’s quiet for the genre, dark and absurd but with a nice sets of tones. No real explanation on various happenings and situations (do we need one?) is one thing that seems to bother people on social medias, as if romance with a ghost in other more renown productions was the best story line ever… Nina Forever compares pretty favorably to all the childish stuff around in a gory way. Beautifully shot with ironic sounding music, it is running out of steam in its later part because it often uses the same effects. But it is an interesting and unsettling take on the subject and, if not completely satisfactory, Nina Forever is worth a look and is enjoyable for those who are open to the genre variations.

Yours to discover.