In Hae-Sung Song’s Failan (2001), Kangjae (Old Boy leading man Choi Min-Sik), a small time crook, learns of the death of Failan, his young wife he never met… Their marriage was arranged as a scam for easy money. Because of this unexpected, sudden death, the criminal organization who closed the deal, with help from corrupt city clerks, want Kangjae to go to the country and attend the funeral in order to make things more convincing. They even provide him with complete files on the girl. During the voyage, going through the files of the deceased, he gradually falls for her. Through the dreams of this impossible love, he slowly becomes a better man…

Love on film is rarely as original as in this surprisingly well written film about the love of love itself. This is a refreshingly original take on love, superbly directed and edited. With Failan, director Hae-Sung Song reinvents love film in an unusual way.