For 13 years the Academy Awards nominated shorts are collected and shaped into three individual programs : Live Action, Documentaries and Animation.

Selected in the animated Short film category are two films from the US that both bring the heavy artillery but in different ways. With Lou, We get our business as usual Pixar flick involving ‘living’ objects. In this peculiar case a spirit into a box of lost and found objects giving a life lesson in respect and sharing to a little boy.

Glen Keane’s Dear Basketball, written and narrated by Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, illustrates the passion for the game with a love letter in a hand crafted look accompanied by the music of, the one and only, John Williams.

The same kind of simplicity, with looking-like clay animation, applies to Frances’ Negative Space, directed by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata, in which a father son relationship is illustrated through the most efficient ways to pack a suitcase.

Computerized-looking, Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer’s UK produced Revolting Rhymes, the only film of the bunch reaching the 30 minutes mark, mixes the Big bad Wolf, Three little pigs, little Red Riding hood and Snow white elements to get to some personal twists.

To close the festivities, French collective Illogic, with all members being recent graduates from MOPA school, offer Garden Party. A frog-Toad duet wander around the crime scene that is an abandoned villa. The superb use of (artificial) lights and gloomy stuff is quite stunning and it just doesn’t look like a student film. Fun, talented stuff. We will probably hear about these guys in the near future.

The Envelope please…

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2018: Animation program (including 3 additional films) is out across the US and Canada Friday, February 9.
*** For Montrealers, CINEMA DU PARC gets exclusive engagement.
(Don’t miss the Oscars Live Action and Documentary Shorts programs also showing at PARC)