For 13 years the Academy Awards nominated shorts are collected and shaped into three individual programs : Live Action, Documentaries and Animation.

Intolerance seems the major subject, reflecting contemporary issues, of the 2018 Short Live Action nominees. Three of the films are based on actual events.

Germany’s Watu Wote/All of Us, directed Katja Benrath and Tobias Rosen, narrates the terrorist attack on a Kenyan bus by Al-Shabaab and the solidarity of Muslim passengers with endangered Christians.

The two US entries are also based on real life incidents. Kevin Wilson’ My Nephew Emmet goes back to 1955’s Georgia to recount what lead to the racially charged murder of black teenager Emmett Till.

Reed Van Dyk’s DeKalb Elementary tackles on the US gun problems. A school shooting incident with a more positive outcome than usual is outlined, thanks to the composure of the school receptionist. watch for relatively new comer Shinelle Azoroh (as the receptionist) with her serene but strong presence. We hope to see more of her before long.

From the UK, Chris Overton and Rachel Shenton’s touching The Silent Child also deals with prejudice that a four year old child must endure until a caring social worker comes in.

Among the quintet of nominees, Australia’s The Eleven O’Clock, directed by Derin Seale and Josh Lawson, seems like the UFO simply because it is an enjoyable comedy with witty dialogues about a major misunderstanding in the office of a psychiatrist leading to some funny debate and confrontation.

The Envelope please…

Oscar Nominated Shorts 2018: Live Action is out across the US Friday, February 9.

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