Of all major Oscar contenders, Steven Spielberg’s The post is one of the most captivating entries. The star loaded picture finds Spielberg alongside top billed stars Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks (they are very good in this one). The three combine 8 Oscar wins out of 38 nominations. The Post is written by Josh Singer (also an Oscar winner for 2015’s Spotlight) and Liz Hannah.

In this era of ‘Alternative facts’, the Spielberg-Singer tandem obviously pleads for a free press as The Post chronicles the controversial investigation of the Pentagon papers by the Washington Post journalists, four U.S presidencies of denial of the Vietnam war fiasco and the trials of the administration to silence the press on the subject.

While Spielberg is not ruling the Box Office anymore, his recent entries in the ‘slice of American history dramas’ (Lincoln, Bridge of spies) are more than welcome. The mixture of his trade, including regulars John Williams (music, 5 Oscars), Michael Kahn (editing, 3 Oscars) and Janusz Kaminski (Cinematography, 2 Oscars), offers a well oiled machine. While director Tom McCarthy handled similar material in Spotlight with efficient but anonymous direction, with Spielberg we always are ‘at the movies’. And the meeting at the top between his ways of film making and the well documented screenwriters works pretty well.

The Post outcome and final (that we won’t disclose) is convincing critically and dramatically. Spielberg simply seems to say: ”I’m still the boss in these parts”.