Working, drinking, gambling, and fighting, Tarzan (Gerard Kennedy) is The last of the knucklemen, an iron fist guy in the mining world, confronted by Pansy (Mike Preston), a trouble-making working man.

A film by Mad Max producer Byron Kennedy, directed by Tim Burstall and starring Gerard Kennedy, Michael preston (Papagallo from Mad Max 2), Steve Bisley (Mad Max‘s Goose).  A bit overlong, this is more a drama than real Ozploitaion, but it gets some elements of it. Its place lies somewhere between the Australian new wave and exploitation cinema. The film hesitates between drama, with a lot of dialogue (but with highly capable actors) and the promised rewarding fist fights. But it sets the mood for a final knuckle showdown with great shots by cinematographer Dan Burstall.

Critics at the time tended to be mixed, with negative view of the masculine world and the brawling. Burstall said of Knuckle that he wanted it to be seen not just as ockerism but as anthropology and it certainly works on that level.

The Last of the knuckle men is a strange and interesting oddity of a film about an ancient race of men.

It is actually a fairly good drama.