Targeted by a series of heist, a security company is enforcing its methods, but what seems to be a possible inside job is overtaken by a crime boss and a corrupt police detective.

Great opening with B-Movie feel, good camera angles by the Don McAlpine (Predator, Moulin Rouge) and John Seale team, overly talkative for the purpose, but simple, effective and filled with corrupted people who mean dirty business…

With notable appearances by Bryan Brown (F/X), as well as Ed Devereaux and Tony Bonner, both from the 60’s TV show featuring everyone’ favorite marsupial star: Skippy (1967), Money Movers is an early Bruce Beresford (Breaker Morant) movie heist with nasty sequences including murder, torture, toe cutting and on and on.

Beresford (who did Driving Miss Daisy) shooting gory stuff starring the Skippy people? It can’t get any better. And lets face it, Heist movies are fun.