Colin Eggleston’s Long Weekend, with John Hargreaves and Briony Behets, is a fine example of these creepy 70’s Australian Outback films with limited means that still deliver the goods.

As their marriage is on the rocks, a city couple heads on a long Weekend in the Australian outback. They realize Soon enough that they are not the perfect fit with nature. As tension grows between both, they seem to have an effect on the surroundings that becomes more of a threatening third party.

Long Weekend, with its latent depiction of a malevolent Nature, constantly balances between logic and a string of unexplained  minor but increasing  incidents. Cautious framing by cinematographer Vincent Monton’s team (Road Games, Newsfront) and efficient nervous editing by Brian Kavanagh constantly suggest something bad might happen every minute and gives an hostile feeling of being watch. Peter Burgess equally menacing sound editing and the music by Michael Carlos, with its experimental electronic overtones, are quite appropriate and complete the whole 70’s theme of creepiness opposed to nature’s beauty. The combine work is quite simple but efficient.

Being afraid can be fun.