A Sydney lawyer takes for clients five natives who stand trial for murder.  Plagued by bizarre dreams, seemingly connected with severe weather conditions, he gradually shares mystical connection with them.

Special Jury Prize at the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival in 1978, The Last Wave is Peter Weir’s third feature and his follow up to the celebrated Picnic at Hanging Rock. It stars American actor Richard Chamberlain and (again!) the wonderful aboriginal actor David Gulpilil.

A mystery drama, with shamanic and spooky overtones, it follows the pattern of early Weir films where he finds the eerie in commonplaces. The set up and ambiance is great and unsettling. And it already tackles the subject of climate crisis.

Most of the production personnel on The Last Wave worked on  Picnic at Hanging Rock , Including one of the greatest cinematographers/ camera operator duet in films DOP, Russell Boyd and camera operator John Seale (Seale would go on to become Weir’s favoured DOP for his Hollywood career) doing, as always,  a tremendous job of putting in good framing Weir’s personal vision. Charles Wain in a sole credit as film composer provides a magnificent eerie score.

The Last Wave is a great ambient piece.