In Ken Hannam Summerfield, from a screenplay by Cliff Green and starring Nick Tate (the Astronaut Alan Carter from Space 1999) and John Waters, a newly appointed country teacher becomes curious of what happened to his predecessor who mysteriously disappeared.

Originally dismissed by critics, it deserves a look. It is true it doesn’t fully succeed in its conclusion, like prior reviews pointed out, but the production values and Mike Molloy beautiful visuals, achieving a superb color palette,  makes it a worthy ride. You also get this feeling of possible and mysterious planned disappearance no question asked, a feeling inherent to many Ozploitation films. Like being in the right corner of the world to get lost.

Summerfield was supposed to be a Peter Weir’s film (he was busy on The Last Wave). It was made by the production crew of Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) producer Patricia Lowell, writer Cliff Green, composer Bruce Smeaton, associate producer Pom Oliver and production designer Graham ‘Grace’ Walker (Mad Max).

Cult fun.