The Firm man is more of an experiment than pure Ozploitation.

A man gets an undisclosed position in a company only referred to as The Firm. Given bizarre assignment with no purpose or meaning while being followed by two mysterious agents (one being Bruce Spence of future Mad Max fame) he is plunged into surrealistic non-events.

John Duigan’s first feature was made in 16mm on a $15 000 budget. Way to go before making praised films like  The Year My Voice Broke, Flirting (with a young Nicole Kidman) and Lawn Dogs.
The Firm man is a would be office intrigue… but without the plot nor the intrigue. This is a silly surreal farce creating a universe in the line of Soderbergh’s Schizopolis, Gilliams’ Brazil David Lynch universe (without the budget, or the violence)  or even Kafka’s work. There is no aspiration for real continuity in The Firm Man, so don’t look for one (or you you’ll get angry) and let yourself be taken by its sympathetic low budget foolishness.

The Firm man is is a likeable cinematic gibberish.