A raw uneven (but Definitely cult material) wasteland biker film made before George Miller’s  original Mad Max (1979).  Stone was excoriated by critics upon its initial release. A Tarantino favorite, the film, directed by Sandy Harbutt and starring Ken Shorter, tells the roadside story of the Members of a biker Club being knocked off one by one, and trying to find out why!  Mad Max anyone?

Aside from its cult aspect, made of strong parts ( but also dull moments and bad acting), it is notable for interesting stunts and the presence among the cast of many actors who, five years later, would be biking again in the first Mad Max. This includes Hugh Keays-Byrne (Mad Max’s Toecutter), Roger Ward and Vincent Gil.

While Harbutt doesn’t have Miller’s flair, in any aspects of film making, Stone is still a nasty flick with strong cult aura that was picked up on double bills and re-run when Miller’s film came out.

Stone certainly worth a look.