RIDM 2017 enter their last weekend and there is plenty to see. Closing film, Nothingwood, is shown Saturday at Concordia University SGWU, (H-110) and there is a reprise Sunday at Cinémathèque Québécoise, 1PM.

Some late suggestions:  (you can also scroll to the bottom for some our favorites)

In Martin diCicco and Iva Radiovojevic’s  All that Passes Through a Window that Doesn’t Open (Cinema du Parc, tonight, 8 PM) Armenian and Azerbaijanthe, in Caucasus, are working on the completion of a rail line linking their countries (as the wagons become their house) and a station master is waiting for the return of the trains for 20 years.


The Reagan Show (Saturday, 5PM, Cinéma Quartier Latin) is made of White House footage of the Ronald Reagan administration. Beside its lack of context for a younger audience, it is an interesting entry about the extensive use (before its time) of films, videos and PR by this actor turned trigger-happy president. As Ronnie puts it in a 1988 interview “There have been times in this office when I wondered how you could do the Job if you haven’t been an actor”.

Christine Franz’s Bunch of Kunst (Saturday, 8 PM, Cinéma du Parc), follows the trajectory of the angry and enigmatic Nottingham Brit duo Sleaford Mods, a voice of the working class. Being way out, for many years, of the ‘system’ and being  suddenly praised and sought after by this system who rejected them as much as they rejected it, raises question for the mates…



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