Tokushima Kanri Center on Japan’s Shikoku Island. In the middle of the forest, a cold grey building. Stray cats and dogs are delivered. And they are disposed of. No dialogues, no explanations, a mechanically automated environment. Buttons and handles are operated by humans. But they don’t even touch the terrorized ‘subjects’. They handle things from a distance.

Dream Box is 40-minute long minimalist film. It is repetitive and visually implicit. It is mysterious and devoid of context. Protagonists are shown in distress. The cute animals have become superfluous. They are processed mechanically.

Dream Box is a nightmare horror film.


RIDM Screenings :

Nov. 13 6:00 PM
Pavillon Judith Jasmin Annexe

Nov. 18 3:00 PM
Cinémathèque québécoise