Snapshots of daily life in different cities and countries show us that throughout planet Earth, humans are not so different from one another. Artful slow motion of public locations visually implies the similarities, despite geographic differences. At times almost a travelogue, Celine Baril’s 24 Davids takes a look at the world through the eyes of 24 different people named David. Each has their unique way of enriching the environment around them. From Mexico to England to Africa, Davids share their intelligence, their creativity, and their care for the people and things around them.

The world’s economy is disparate. The rich get richer while the government helps only itself, instead of reaching out to the poor. Londoners take to the rivers to live in boats because the gap between rich and poor is immense. Unless one is loaded, one cannot even own a house. But the Davids of this planet seek cooperation. Though progress is slow, symbiosis between living creatures is how things can be accomplished. These Davids and their collaborators see problems as opportunities. The best way to bring change is to learn how to do and be better. The individual cannot make much of a dent, but by working together, maybe we can all benefit globally.

Science needs to learn more about our place in the universe. However, frustration encourages change, to create a world we want and like. Our experience of consciousness is what makes the journey interesting.



Nov. 9, 7:00 PM (OPENING THE FEST)
Concordia University –  Auditorium SGWU (H-110)
with French subtitles

Director or crew member in attendance


Nov. 11,  4:30 PM
UQAM University – Judith Jasmin Annexe
with English subtitles

Director or crew member in attendance