Celebrating the best in Auteur documentaries from around the world, the 20th edition of RIDM starts this Thursday November 9 in various venues around the city of Montreal, including Cinémathèque Québecoise, Concordia and UQAM Universities. 142 films from 47 countries are on the menu as well as free screenings in different Montreal spots.

Evening parties are back, this year, at Cinémathèque.

Opening film is the NFB produced 24 DAVIDS, directed by Celine Baril, traveling on three continents to meet 24 characters named David (Daria’s review here: Closing night will introduce us to fascinating Z-movie Afghan actor-director Salim Shaheen in Sonia Kronlund’s Nothingwood. will post daily about the Fest. For the time being you should know that both me and Daria especially dig the eclectic and experimental Chinese film Dragonfly Eyes. A feature film, with a storyline made from images taken from surveillance camera footage.


On the tragic subject of modern wars, Syria’s Taste of Cement (Review here: and Iraq’s Nowhere to Hide (Review: are two extremely powerful films not to be missed. Daria will apparently give us good vibes about the magnificent Brimstone and Glory (Review: and, as part of the 20th anniversary retrospective, Antoine. For my part I was also seduced by the gloomy and pessimistic universe of films à la Tarkovsky like Carcasse (Review:, City of the Sun and Braguino (Review:

Short critics to these films (and more) are coming. So follow us daily on