1 – M (Fritz Lang, Germany, 1931)

The inevitable classic. Atypical if compared to what a young audience will think of when we talk about serial killer films.

In 1930’s Germany, the manhunt to catch a child-murderer…

Lang’s first talkie (shot by legendary cinematographer Fritz Arno Wagner) is, of course, a much celebrated classic from all artistic angles. But it also foresees the degradation of social climate leading to Nazi Germany by depicting a common resignation from ordinary people to let criminals take care of ‘things’. The bound linking criminals to officials in a race for the first to find a child killer with general acceptance (regardless of the fact we all agree they actually are abominable crimes) is still very contemporary.

As the child killer everyone’s after, Peter Lorre pushes acting to a level of genius rarely matched in the history of the film medium.

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