FNC 2017 : Saul Bass & S. Suzuki


for Cinetalk.net

While its closing film (the Animated feature Loving Vincent) is today, 7PM at the Imperial Cinema, the FNC 2017 finishes this Sunday and there is still plenty to chose from. Perhaps two of the most interesting presentations that were not part of media highlights can be found in the Retrospective and special screenings.

There is showings of a 4k restoration of sci-fi cult item Phase IV, in which scientists discover that a collective intelligent army of Ants seem to have declared war on the human specie.

Released in 1974, Phase IV was the only feature directed by Prestigious and influential artist/ graphic designer Saul Bass who designed some of the most iconic logos of the 20th century and had a prolific Hollywood career in providing highly innovative title sequences for directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese.

Bass precise and creative technical skills, Dick Bush photography and Brian Gascoigne’s eerie music, are among highlights of Phase IV, creating a chilling atmosphere. Key works include an Art department under supervision by John Barry (not the composer), Norman Reynolds and John Richardson, on special effects. All three would,  soon after,  contribute key work for the Star Wars franchise.

Saturday October 14, 5:10 PM, Cinéma du Parc 2
Sunday October 15, 9:25 PM, Quartier Latin 16


The other films to look for are part of the presentation of movies by master of the Yakuza film with a twist, Seijun Suzuki. The influence of this amazing film maker can be found in such works as Jim Jarmush’s Ghost Dog, Won Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love and countless others.

Featured Films:

Detective Bureau 2-3 – Go to Hell Bastards (3:30 PM Saturday – Quartier Latin 17),

Branded to Kill (9:00 PM Saturday – Quartier Latin 16),

Tokyo Drifter (13:00 PM Sunday – Quartier Latin 16)


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