The FNC is known not only for its vast selection of films, but also its eye on new technologies. The events dot the city in several venues where the public can watch live experimental music performances, put on some VR goggles, or visit Severine Fontaine’s Lamparium. This immersive experience incorporates 3D animated lamps and light sources projected on a 360-degree dome-shaped screen, as well as physical lamps which turn on and off throughout the 45-minute presentation. While spectators recline on oversized beanbags mats, the show is at first relaxing and somewhat hypnotizing. Its pace picks up to form an audiovisual rhythm. Anyone familiar with Pixar’s animated mascot, Luxo Jr., will appreciate the little head-bobs and anthropomorphization of the lamps.

Lamparium shows daily at 7pm in the SATosphere (Societe des Arts Technologiques, 1201 St Laurent Blvd), through October 12th, 2017.

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At the Virtual Playground at La Grande Place (the open space of Complexe Desjardins, 150 Sainte Catherine West, next to the fountain), you can put on a cool headset and watch several short films that utilize VR technologies and involve the viewer in a spatio-temporal experience.

If that’s not quite up your alley, there are also nightly events at L’Agora Hydro-Quebec du Coeur des Sciences de L’UQAM (175 President-Kennedy, corner Jeanne-Mance). Participate in cinema quizzes, DJ nights, or watch performers, such as the experimental Viennese quartet, Ventil, whose presentation involved industrial electro music based on the sound of a bullet being fired. Mostly black and white graphic lines and patterns accompanied the performance on a large screen, which culminated in the attempted destruction of a bulletproof glass panel. On screen, of course. The bullets and fire might have otherwise raised several eyebrows. The FNC is cutting edge, but not that outrageous.