Marriage kills love.

Public opinion says love these days cannot be preserved. Why do so many couples drift apart? Join John Malkovich in an otherwise Russian cast in About Love. Adults Only to discover the answers. The plot is based around an international conference honoring the question, How do we sustain love in the modern world?

The premise might at first sound dry, but within the first few minutes of Alexsey Chupov, Rezo Gigineishvili, Anna Melikyan, Natalya Merkulova, Pavel Ruminov, Nigina Sayfullnaeva and Evgeniy Shelyakin’s film, we are treated to some hilarious footage of sex-deprived people flipping out on innocent bystanders. The content of the story is far from dry. Though it is not a slapstick comedy, the humor is light and carries the viewer through vignettes involving various couples. Flirting, dating, adultery and oddball sexual practices all take their place as Malkovich’s character demonstrates the inner-workings of couple-trouble.

Whether the rift is due to boredom, or our attachment to electronic devices, we must try to kill our own jealousy and promote understanding between partners. Technology is said to have a large impact on modern love not being able to sustain itself. Adults Only always references back to selfies, Instagram, and cellphones, and is punctuated by live pop music performances with relevant lyrics.

A surprise turn of events puts into question the validity of Malkovich’s conference. In the end, sometimes a little conflict can go a long way to bring a dwindling couple back to their one-time closeness.


About Love. Adults Only is currently showing at Cineplex Forum through October, 2017.

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