Once asked why he resumed his directing career, legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman said it was because he was cured. Apparently, Steven Soderbergh is not. After a short hiatus he hits back the big screen with Logan Lucky, a foray into familiar territory, the heist movie, a genre he tried to redefine (pretty successfully), as far back as in 1995’s The Underneath (which was more of a take on the Brink’s job gone wrong type), also in Out of Sight and of course the Ocean’s Eleven franchise.

Logan Lucky stars Channing Tatum and Adam Driver, as the Logan brothers, trying to pull off a smooth robbery during a NASCAR race. Supporting cast includes Daniel Craig, whose main purpose seems to be Daniel Craig in an unusual role, and Hilary Swank, as an FBI agent, looking like she is on the wrong set. They probably are still waiting for her in the Twin Peaks make up department. As usual, the director did his own cinematography, David Holmes is back with scoring assignment and writing duty is credited to Rebecca Blunt, who, according to various sources, does not exist…

Although Logan Lucky has its moments, it ultimately never lives up to expectations. The cast members get rid of their lines as if they have an important meeting the same day to play an expandable for Marvel in a nearby parking lot. The only conviction we get is in a (short) court room sequence.

With Logan Lucky as his “comeback“, Steven Soderbergh seems rusty. Trying his luck on a Coen Brothers type of witty dialogue-driven project proves, at this point, to be no country for old Soderbergh.