Fantasia 2017: Bad Genius (Thailand – 2017)



Nattawut Poonpiriya’s Bad Genius is a fun ride. The Buzz around the film is so good, the Fantasia Film Fest team added a screening.

A Math exam cheating story shot as a thriller? Yes!

In Bad genius Lynn is a gifted Math student who comes from humble background. In exchange of money, she helps a fellow student, from a wealthier family, by finding a (suspenseful) way to share with her the results to a difficult test. What is a sole effort eventually becomes a more elaborate scam involving an exam-cheating syndicate.

Final exams are filled with anxiety in many Asian countries. Pressure for success serves as a (really basic) social metaphor with (some) ethical questions about privileges, notably, and class differences (it becomes a bit moralistic toward the end).

But… With its Cleverly shot suspenseful climax scenes, leading to even more elaborate schemes, expanding to a big score right from a classic heist movie, all edited with great attention to details, and a sense for timing, Bad genius is one of those films with superior entertainment value. Action!

Added Festival screening:

July 30 • 12:00 PM Salle J.A. De Sève (Concordia University)


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