Japanese director Takahide Hori has talent, lots of it. Since he also has a virtue called patience this talent simply explodes on the screen in his first feature, Junk Head, the extended version of his 2013 celebrated short bearing the same title. Both stop-motion films were produced by his own (totally) independent company.

An adult oriented sci-fi animation, Junk Head takes us into an abyssal world of human clones refugees who mutated into various species, and live into a vast subterranean underworld.

The director and (reduced) team behind Junk Head show dazzling creativity and strong visual sense in the creation of this organic cyberworld.

The overall art direction, model making and set decoration, with its insane creatures, clones, mutants and other questionable characters, all lost in a succession of corridors (with sad colors) of labyrinth proportion, provide an effective nightmarish, claustrophobic and oppressive result. It goes on and on for two hours without ever stopping.

Junk Head is one of those gems that gives contemporary independent filmmaking all its chivalrous glory.



Last Fantasia 2017 screening:

July 24 • 1:00 PM Salle J.A. De Sève