Fantasia 2017: Shock wave (Chaak Daan Juen Ga) – Hong Kong, 2017



1980’s style Hong Kong action films are still alive in 2017.

In Herman Yau’s Shock wave, starring Andy Lau (Internal affairs, House of flying daggers) and Wu Jiang (A touch of sin), narcotrafficker (and explosive expert) Peng Hong (Jiang) elaborates a disproportionate vengeance scheme against bomb disposal specialist (and too much of a good guy to actually be for real) police officer Cheung (Lau) by taking  hundreds of hostages into the iconic Cross-Harbor Tunnel.

Under co-supervision by action director Dion Lam (the MATRIX series, Black Mask, spiderman 2), this action vehicle has it all: Hurtlocker blow outs, fast and furious car chases, plot twists, an highway shooting-a-la-Heat, etc, putting its own HK spice melange into the mix.

The corny parts and poor dialogues, making not much sense, are also at work in Shock wave and Lau, more human than human, is your know-it-all guy who does everything better than you and me, physically and emotionally (and both at the same time). It is fast paced, entertaining and works pretty well for what it is. Action!!!

Next Festival screening:
July 19 • 1:00 PM Salle J.A. De Sève



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